Lovely comments from the Grown Ups…

“LeapAlong was recommended to me by a friend when my son Theo was 2. Theo’s speech and language was really delayed and he found it hard interacting in toddler groups with his peers. LeapAlong was a breath of fresh air for both Theo and I. ”

“I wanted to share this with you guy’s in  the office. Last week getting Elizabeth to bed I pointed out we needed lots of rest so she could enjoy LeapAlong the next day, she started jumping up and down saying “LeapAlong! LeapAlong! LeapAlong” which looked so much fun that Katherine copied her and now regularly jumps around the landing shouting for LeapAlong excitedly regardless of what day it is!”

“Charlie and myself have learnt so much, we always look forward to our Fridays. This is by far the best group, I couldn’t recommend more highly. We will miss our LeapAlong day, as Charlie is now off to nursery, who by the way are blown away by how much he knows, and myself found a refreshed love of learning. LeapAlong you are simply the best, we will miss you and of course Louie xx”

“In very few classes, my daughter – who is extremely shy and at the time refused to speak – has come on in leaps and bounds… This class is absolutely brilliant in both stimulating her mind and encouraging her to talk and join in. She’s much more confident and loves every class. I highly HIGHLY recommend to any and every parent for their child.”

“I was quite emotional at the end of today’s class….Esmé has taken so much from LeapAlong…I can’t thank you all enough!”

“I had to email you as I had to tell you how thankful I am to you. Ella started preschool in January, and already they have said she is so well above her age for knowing her alphabet and words. Ella plays eye spy a lot and is constantly asking me/telling me what words begin with, and I know this down to the LeapAlong classes. I do quite a bit of work with her at home now but since she started in your classes she has come along in leaps and bounds. I always remember you telling me you started LeapAlong because children were starting school not knowing their alphabet/ phonics etc which I can’t imagine. School have said they have 3-4 year olds who don’t know what words begin with or count as well as Ella which makes me so proud. Anyway I just wanted to say how fantastic your classes are and to say thank you.”

“Amazing! Highlight of our week, my son can’t wait for Friday’s! So much thought & effort go into these clever classes. Lots of fun & lots of learning – it’s amazing what they learn each week. The staff are lovely with the children & so good at what they does. Fantastic props & resources, nothing else like this about. A real quality experience. X”

“My son and I have just finished 2 years of LeapAlong. We both got a lot out of  the classes. I got quality one on one time with my son, watching his knowledge and enthusiasm for learning grow. And my son was introduced to learning in a fun way, he has been given a great head start for beginning school in September and I truly thank the LeapAlong team for this. I look forward to resuming classes again with my 6 month old daughter when she is old enough!”

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Lovely comments from the Parents...

  • Harry has grown in confidence through being at the class and Charna ensures she takes the time to understand the children and get the best out of them. The songs that are used are fun, educational and we find ourselves singing and practising every day.

    Harry, Emma & Sophie
  • Both of my children have loved LeapAlong. The combination of music, dancing, action songs and games means the children do not even realise they are learning – they’re just enjoying themselves! The alphabet, numbers, colours and phonics are all integrated into the sessions from the start and are slowly built upon in a fun and playful way.

  • Betty and I have both adored every single session!! Thank you so much for all you have done to make Betty’s Friday mornings so entertaining and educational. I’m sure she’ll be reaping the rewards for many years to come.

    Sarah & Betty