Our classes

LeapAlong is a family run business, put together by myself Maria a mother of 3 and my Daughter Charna. I am a qualified NNEB/level 3 with over 20 years of experience. As a parent I understand that teaching techniques change all of the time and end up being confusing, and for that reason I decided to take away the confusion and develop classes where children and grown-ups could learn together.

Charna and I with much love and devotion, time and dedication have been able put together a programme like no other. These classes are unique in every way and will promise to bring lots of excitement and fun into learning every week.

Seeing is believing, come and give us a try.

Happy Hoppers 18mths-2 years

Our Happy Hoppers class is stage 1 in our programme and is designed for children 18mths-2 years.

This class will give the children a chance to make some new friends in a new environment and to get to know their class leader. We have built in simple learning with the use of fun activities with the use of props, puppets, singing, dancing & action songs to help engage with the children and encourage participation, all of these will help build their confidence ready for the next stage in LeapAlong.

Jolly Jumpers 2-3 years

Our Jolly Jumpers class is designed for children 2-3 years and is stage 2 in our programme. Children will start to learn their phonics (how letters sound) which they will learn with the help of fun visual pictures, they will also be introduced to numbers, colours, shapes and much more.

Each week our lesson will be themed around a letter from the alphabet with the use of our prop, puppets, games, singing & dancing to encourage participation, so every week you can always expect something different. This class as with all our classes will be fun and exciting to encourage participation and confidence.

Leaping Learners 3-5 years

Our Leaping Learners class is designed for children 3-5 years and is our final stage of the programme, we will be focusing on getting children prepared for school and giving them skills to have confidence in learning. They will start to learn their phonics without the fun visual pictures, so they do not become reliant on them for recognition.

We will start to use number, colour & shape recognition to complete tasks independently with our unique games designed by us and only for LeapAlong.

We will still use our wonderful props, puppets, singing, dancing & action songs, but they will be adapted for their age and development, keeping within our belief that learning should be fun.

We strongly believe that learning is fun and this is the only way to truly engage with children, for this reason alone we can promise that if you give us a try you will want to come back again and again.