Lovely comments from the Parents!

Please pass on my immense thanks to Charna as we have been with you since Ella was about 16 months old I think.   We have loved coming to the classes over the years.  She is now reading lots of CVC words and Im sure her love of letters and words has come from all the fun she has had a LeapAlong. 

I wish you both well in the growing of your business and Ive recommend you to my friends granddaughter who I think will soon be joining as soon as she is old enough.  

Many kind regards

Sam and Ella/April 2018

We have both had a wonderful 2 years with Charna going through Jolly Jumpers and Leaping Learners. He has an amazing grasp of the alphabet, the sounds the letters make and a real enthusiasm for spelling, always asking 'how do you spell.....?' I can honestly say I believe that is down to Charna and her LeapAlong classes. Also, they have provided a lovely one on one bonding hour for he and I each Friday without me having the usual daily household related distractions.

I hope to resume classes again in a couple of years with my daughter when she is bigger

Cassie & Zak/April 2018

  Hi Maria 

Joshua is starting school in September so unfortunately his time at LeapAlong has come to an end. We've very much enjoyed the classes over the last 3 years and they have definitely helped him learn his letters and phonics ready for the next challenge of school! When he first started he was still crawling along! Now he can go off and do all the activities with confidence.

We are keen to do some summer activities if there's any on though, so look forward to hearing about that.


Thank you very much for some lovely memories made during the leapalong years and I'll be back in 18mth with his little brother Theo.


Best regards

Katie Brooks /August 2017


Hi Maria,

Just wanted to let you know we won't be enrolling for September as James starts school.  I wanted to thank Charna and yourself for such a fantastic time, both James and myself really enjoyed it.  Charna is brilliant with the children and somehow manages to keep them all interested in the activities, amazing!  I only wish we had heard about Leap Along earlier.


Thank you very much,

Claire and James July/2017

I can't believe it will be Taylor's last term as he will start school in September 🙁. We will miss Charna and your great classes and fantastic resources, I'm always amazed what is fitted into a class and how much effort has gone into preparing them, it seems there is no expense spared when it comes to resource.
Lynn/Taylor May 2017

Betty and I have both adored every single session and Charna has been utterly professional, on the ball and fun for every one of them which is some achievement!! Thank you both so much for all you have done to make Betty's Friday mornings so entertaining and educational. I'm sure she'll be reaping the rewards for many years to come.
Sarah/Betty May 2017

Have been meaning to email you about how wonderful Ella and Bradley's party was last week . 
All the children had an amazing time, the actives kept them all engaged for the whole 2 hours, which can not be said about all of the parties I have been to over the years!  Time just flew by.  
She really loves the new class as well and keeps asking me when is it Tuesday again?

Sam xx
March 2017

The sessions are educational aswell as great fun. The most important thing for me was that we could do something together and LeapAlong offers that with fun games , singing, dancing and sit down work,which we both thoughly enjoy doing, classes are small and friendly.

Charna is very professonal and she makes every child feel very welcome. India Lillie loves to see her and gets very excited when we are on our way to class. We are looking forward to seeing what the next class involves when India Lillie turns three,I'm sure it will be as fun packed as this last year has been. Thank you soo much to Charna and Maria for having such a fantastic business 
Many Thanks 
Jo and India Lillie/January 2017

We have been keen 'leapalonger's' for some time now and the novelty hasn't worn off for either of my 2 girls. The classes are so fun and vibrant that the information and knowledge the children learn seems to be absorbed by happy osmosis! 
Charna is brilliant at always keeping the energy of the classes up and catching the children's imagination leaving them wanting more. Always fun filled & brimming with new ways to learn.
Catherine/January 2017

Both of my children have loved Leapalong. The combination of music, dancing, action songs and games means the children do not even realise they are learning - theyre just enjoying themselves! The alphabet, numbers, colours and phonics are all integrated into the sessions from the start and are slowly built upon in a fun and playful way. Charna is excellent with the children and encourages them to develop and interact at their own pace. I do not hesitate to recommend LeapAlong to other parents
Penny/January 2017

I would just like to say that my Husband I think the classes are fantastic!
Ben started off very shy at his 1st class but a few weeks on he is now extremely confident and loves the class. I have recommended LeapAlong to many of my mummy friends.

Thank you to you and Charna for all the hard work that you obviously put into the classes to make them so successful.
Louisa Watchorn/ January 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both of you. We love leapalong, it is fun, educational and so well resourced and planned. I also think its very good value for money and I will continue to sing it's praises to all of my mummy friends.
Kind regards
Alex Nash/ January 2017

I just wanted to say we got so much enjoyment out of the class today, my son can tend to be a bit shy and the new class is busier than his last one but he was really joining in with the activities and was so happy to be back.

Charna is so brilliant at keeping the children engaged and interested in the class.
I'm so pleased we joined leapAlong as my son James loves it and it helps build his confidence.
Thank you again we look forward to attend next week.

Catherine & James Sep/2016

May I take this opportunity to thank both yourself and Charna for all your hard work - and what a great opportunity LeapAlong has been for both Ella-Louise and myself!!

Charna is absolutely fantastic and a real credit to you and your business!! Ella-Louise has come on in leaps and bounds with her speech (still some work needed) but without the work of Charna it wouldn't have come on quite as well as it did! And for that I cannot thank you enough!!
May I wish you all the best and continued success with the business and who knows maybe our pathes may cross again in the future.
Michelle & Ella-Louise Sep/2016

"LeapAlong classes have been an invaluable & fantastic aid to developing Logan's speech, communication, attention & interaction skills. The sessions are friendly, fun, great value & brilliant tools to enable learning to continue outside of class too. Thank you Charna, Maria & Louie."

Best wishes and thanks again.
Clare & Logan August/2016

After a lot of thought it saddens me to say that Ella-Louise will not be returning to classes next term. The venues are all quite a way out as we have now moved - even the ones at Ipswich, which as I said saddens me as we will miss it greatly.

May I take this opportunity to thank both yourself and Charna for all your hard work - and what a great opportunity LeapAlong has been for both Ella-Louise and myself!! Charna is absolutely fantastic and a real credit to you and your business!! Ella-Louise has come on in leaps and bounds with her speech (still some work needed) but without the work of Charna it wouldn't have come on quite as well as it did! And for that I cannot thank you enough!!
May I wish you all the best and continued success with the business and who knows maybe our pathes may cross again in the future.
Michelle/Ella-Louise August/2016

Oscar had his last class with Charna last Wednesday and I can't tell you how much we're going to miss it. The whole concept of the classes are fantastic, and Charna is a complete credit to you, she's not only wonderful at delivering the classes and being around the children but she's lovely to be around.

I wish you both continued success with Leapalong, and Reuben and I look forward to coming back next summer when he's big enough...which I'm sure will happen in a flash.
Melissa, and Oscar Eastaugh/July 2016

I originally tried LeapAlong with my son Ben who was four at the time and due to start school the following September. Ben was a typical boy who was uninterested in learning his letters. LeapAlong made learning fun and interesting and Ben soon began to want to know his letters, sounds and numbers. The varying resources really appealed to Ben and I was pleasantly surprised at how it was all sinking in. I really think the resources are top quality.

I now attend with my son Stanley who is just 2, we started when he was 18 months and he soon remembered the little class routines. He loves 'Timmy the tree' and the 'mystery box'. I was concerned that he would be to young but as the class age ranges are so small everyone was in the same boat and we all lose our children's attention at various times but Charna and the ever changing resourses soon encourages them back in. I think the pace of the class, music and especially the resources are fantastic. Both boys love it and I only wish it had been running when my daughter was younger.
Marie Noble/JULY 2016

I wanted to say that Sienna and I won't be joining leapalong next term.  But wanted to say thank you for helping Sienna to flourish and grow over the years. LeapAlong has been a massive part of our life and we are going to miss classes very much. We have loved every minute, such excellent, fun, creative and imaginative classes. You and Charna are such amazing people, so passionate and kind. Very special indeed. Charna is so good with the children beautiful inside and out. I do wish all the best for the future. I will continue to spread the word how good you guys are. 

Take care 
Nicola xx/JUNE 2016

I just want to take the time to say how much James and I enjoy the class.
He is the youngest in the class by a bit (only just 20 months old) but he has really gained confidence within the group and loves LeapAlong classes I just wanted to say that Charna is a lovely class leader as well .
We look forward to another fun filled term.
Catherine/April 2016

Sofia absolutely adores LeapAlong! We have been to a number of classes since Sofia turned 1 and it is by far the best class we have been to. It touches on so many aspects of learning and development in a fun and creative way. Charna is amazing with all the children and really gets to know them on an individual level. She creates such a positive, enjoyable and friendly environment..... We have both loved every minute!
Melissa and Sofia xXx/March  2016

I can honestly say my 3 children and I love LeapAlong. The sessions are structured and so the children know what activity to expect next.  The activities themselves are very creative, with high quality resources.  
Our eldest daughter started school confident and secure in her knowledge of phonics, and Leapalong was fundamental to that.
We constantly reinforce the learning, by singing the catchy songs at home, and our twins are now able to recognise key letters and numbers way before we ever expected them to!
I thoroughly recommend it!
Wendy/March 2016

Charna is amazing with all the children they have such a fun time, Selena cant wait to get to LeapAlong the classes are fun and educational, we  are very  pleased with our granddaughter,s progress. She has gained confidence with her communication and doing tasks, she loves the songs, games and little dances.
Keep up the good work Charna.
Selena's Nan/March 2016

LeapAlong has been exactly what I was looking for, interactive, fun and structured. My little one always looks forward to the sessions and the whole time he is engaged and learning in a fun way.
These session are a perfect head start before he goes to school. 

Thank you Charna and Maria.
Salma/Feb 2016

LeapAlong is Ava's favourite group of the week! The class is so well structured; with fun and education blended perfectly. Charna is wonderful with children who all seem to naturally warm to her. I would highly recommend LeapAlong to any parent and child looking for a fun class that really understands how children learn!
Farran/Feb 2016

"My little boy has been going to LeapAlong for over a year, and he instantly warmed to Charna and loves every minute of it, so much so that I make the journey of 40 minutes drive to take him every week! Such a variety of innovative activities which are both fun and challenging."
Kim/Feb 2016

Fantastic class, with lots of fun, creative, educational activities. So much planning goes into each session very well thought out to keep little ones entertained. Charna is brilliant. My daughter has been attending LeapAlong for 3 years and still loves her weekly dose of LeapAlong. She is never bored and classes have really brought her along in all aspects of her development.

I also highly recommend leapalong birthday parties too, they are great fun. We love LeapAlong!
Thanks Nikki xx/Feb 2016

LeapAlong has been the best class we have joined. I have watched my son learn phonics whilst having fun and he really looks forward to Wednesdays and seeing Charna.
Harry has grown in confidence through being at the class and Charna ensures she takes the time to understand the children and get the best out of them.The songs that are used are fun, educational and we find ourselves singing and practising every day. Harry goes to school in September and then my daughter will join. I really cannot say enough positive words about the classes and what they give to the children involved. All of our friends who have done trial classes have all joined and are really loving it. LeapAlong is a highlight of our week and we are so pleased to be a part of it.
Harry, Emma and Sophie x/Jan 2016

Love LeapAlong! It's fun, educational, interactive and very different to any class I have been to before. It's good to take time out & get a chance to do some learning together. I just wish I had known about it sooner with my eldest as it would of helped him massively when it came to starting school Xx
Nadine/Jan 2016

LeapAlong is an amazing, well structured class and by far the best we've come across. It's the perfect balance of fun and learning and has helped with skills such as sharing, problem solving and interacting well with children of the same age. 
Monroe loves it, he has a great recognition of his alphabet now thanks to Charna and is enjoying learning his phonics. Charna is a fantastic leader and does a great job.
Rochelle/Jan 2016

My daughter has loved LeapAlong from the first session we attended, she shouts 'hooray' as we drive into the car park and can't wait for her 'Charna day'!!!! It has been so lovely watching her blossom week by week as she joins in with the activities more and more as each term passes. Cannot recommend a group more, lots of fun and highly educational
Lucy/Jan 2016

We started LeapAlong through recommendation of a friend when my son was 1 he's now nearly 3 and I am  happily recommending it to everyone else!
Charna makes each class such fun, full of motivation and energetic activities - perfect for my son who never sits still!
He is keenly learning his letter sounds and LeapAlong reinforces this.
It's been amazing to see him make such progress...thank you LeapAlong. It's never a problem if we can't make a class, Maria happily accommodates us on another day.
Will definitely continue until my son starts school and can't wait to start classes with my newborn too!
Nish/Jan 2016

I think everyone should go to Leap Along. It is amazing and so beneficial for the kids.
Emma/Sep 2015

Sophie is definitely missing leapalong we often have to play what she calls the leapalong game. She calls herself charna and gets us to all put a toy in her bag. She then takes them all out, does the whole picking your toy part with us! complete with her own Louie (her teddy) and the goodbye song being sung at the end!!!
Sep 2015